ATLAS Hardware Pack

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Lost your L-wrench that came with your ATLAS? Need more friction pads or a replacement bolt? This bag has it all! This kit comes with our upgraded, slide-on friction pads that were introduced in mid-2023. These new friction pads replace the adhesive backed friction pads that have been around since the beginning.

Here's what's inside the bag:

  • 2 Bolts
  • Torx L-Wrench
  • All four thicknesses of friction pads
  • ATLAS Key
  • Stickers
  • Instruction Booklet

Motorcycle Cruise Control Fitment Chart

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Waaaay better then their old friction pads

They upgraded the friction pads so they can slip on and off with ease. Far better than the old way of having to use self adhesive pads.

William Seaman

Ordered package of up graded fiction pads . Much better than the originals .

Mark Blankenship

It would work better if friction pads were offered in more thickness selections

Joseph Lo Re
Atlas Throttle Lock with Hardware Pack

Best upgrade I have every made to my cruiser. I would recommend this to anyone that takes long trips.

Jerry Ryan
New design

New design pressure pad works very well

Keith Davies
Effective and reliable

I've been running the original ATLAS for over three years now (Honda Rebel CMX 500), all of it faultless. Recently, the original style of small, square, bevel-edged transparent friction pad had worn enough to warrant replacement. So, I ordered the listed spares kit. The postage time (to Australia) was break-neck - about nine calendar days, which is impressive on its own! Within the kit, replacement friction pads, but, to my great surprise, not the original style I had, but a newer style comprised of a larger, square-edged pad attached to a sleeve that fits effortlessly over the spring steel tab giving even better purchase on the switch housing than before. In short, is it worth it? Only if you like riding long distances without the fatigue that comes from holding onto the throttle and never relaxing you hand for a moment! A very professional business, fantastic service and a second-to-none product!

Charles Stokes
Fixed it!!

Installed new friction pad to my Atlas Throttle Lock! Worked like a champ!

David Aho
Review for older unit

I've had an Atlas throttle lock on three motorcycles with almost 170. thousand mile on them. It is the best throttle lock I've ever used. The same unit is the one my 2019 Honda cb500x but I needed to get new silicone adjuster on it that. wouldn't fit. I tried to get them to fit but couldn't. The website has a part on how to make it fit but I couldn't get it open so I'd not using it now.

Scot Slagle
Fine Tuning

Great customer service !
Great after sale support
Thank you guys

Hardware pack solved my problem

A friend of mine sold me their throttle lock after they didn't need it anymore, but it didn't have any friction pads I could use. I bought this pack and the friction pads provided solved the exact problem I had! A great, cheap, and easy solution for a great product.