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Created During a RTW Motorcycle Trip - Here's the Full Story

Motorcycle Throttle Lock Invented During RTW Trip

The ATLAS Throttle Lock was born out of necessity  while the founder of the business, David Winters, and his wife Heidi were in the middle of a 15 month Round-The-World motorcycle trip.

They were at the southern tip of New Zealand, sitting in their tent, seeking shelter from the storm after a long day on the road. Without electronic devices or other distractions, the creative juices started flowing.

David was tired of the awkward "pinky workout" throttle lock he had purchased just days before the trip. He sat there in the tent imagining the ideal solution. He had tried several different apparatuses in the past, and all had obvious downfalls that left him dissatisfied and frustrated. After easily identifying all the issues that needed to be fixed, he set out determined to design the best throttle lock out there.

The ATLAS, which stands for Adventure Touring Leaves All Signs, was born on the open roads of the world. It was dreamt up in New Zealand, modified in Australia and tweaked again in India. Throughout Europe, David was eager to attach his new invention to his bike and finally cruise with comfort and ease. Once home from their trip in 2013, David started prototyping right away and spent over a year tweaking the design to get everything just right. 

It was on the Autobahn in Germany where the logo was created. The white circle with three diagonal black lines signifies the "End of All Road Restrictions". You are free to enjoy the open road on your terms, with nothing impeding you along the way – discomfort and inconvenience included. The ATLAS is your ticket to freedom.


The first prototype is very different from the final product but it paved the way for what became the 1st Gen ATLAS and allowed the team to launch a Kickstarter page in the Fall of 2014. The theory was, if David saw a need for a better throttle lock maybe other people did too. 

Kickstarter helped determine if it was a worthwhile pursuit. Quickly, it was easy to see that the need was felt throughout the riding community after being overfunded by 146% of their goal. The Single Button ATLAS (our 1st Gen) shipped to customers in May of 2015. The team was meticulous with gathering feedback so they could continue to improve the product.

In August 2017 the 2nd Gen ATLAS (the current Double Button design) was launched as a Top Kit and Bottom Kit after over a year of work and 17 additional prototypes were made and tested. This latest design allows the ATLAS to work on even more motorcycles. 



Innovation at ATLAS never stops. Our goal is to continue to offer the best motorcycle throttle lock on the market.