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Review for older unit

I've had an Atlas throttle lock on three motorcycles with almost 170. thousand mile on them. It is the best throttle lock I've ever used. The same unit is the one my 2019 Honda cb500x but I needed to get new silicone adjuster on it that. wouldn't fit. I tried to get them to fit but couldn't. The website has a part on how to make it fit but I couldn't get it open so I'd not using it now.

ATLAS Hardware Pack
Scot Slagle
Fine Tuning

Great customer service !
Great after sale support
Thank you guys

Atlas Throttle lock for 2013 klr

It is every thing that I expected. It works great .
I just went on a 8300 mile trip from Washington to Alaska. I used it several times on my trip. It is great to give your right hand a chance to rest.
The kLR doesn’t have much power to adjust when the road goes up and down. But I didn’t expect it to work like a cruise control. It still great to give the hand a break.

It was great to meet Josh and his Wife. They are awesome people and awesome to work with.
I meant him at the shop and he installed it on my bike. Very helpful and explained everything well.

Hardware pack solved my problem

A friend of mine sold me their throttle lock after they didn't need it anymore, but it didn't have any friction pads I could use. I bought this pack and the friction pads provided solved the exact problem I had! A great, cheap, and easy solution for a great product.

ATLAS Hardware Pack
Michael Howard
Excellent Product

Excellent Product

Scooter friendly

I have purchased and installed my second Atlas throttle control and they work great on my Burgman 650 scooters.

ATLAS Hardware Pack
Matt Follett

Really good throttle lock easy to install, and the customer service is extremely helpful. After getting it installed correctly it has been working great! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a throttle lock.

ATLAS Hardware Pack
John Sierra
Amazing product Amazing. Frog

Amazing product and service. I recommend it.

Better design, great customer service!

I was having trouble with the grip on my throttle lock, after speaking with Josh, the solution was the improved grips in the hardware pack. I appreciate the customer service and the follow up after installing. Thanks Josh.

Great customer service

When I received my atlas I had trouble installing it and took pictures and videos and shared them with the atlas bods. Immediately they identified that my clamping arm was damaged in transit and sent another. It worked perfectly and I'm a very happy customer

Replacement Kit for Top & Bottom Kits
mark stanton
Replacement pads

Gave me really good support to sort out fitting for my bikes, sorted quickly

Replacement Kit for Top & Bottom Kits
Zlatko Reder

I am very happy with everything, customer service - Josh, thank you - perfect! Just give a bit guidance to how to install Throttle lock on V Strom 650. It is not as easy as explained and I required more info - and received it within hours! Perfect job guys!

Replacement Kit for Top & Bottom Kits
Jess Stone
Great product!

The replacement kit made it easy to install the ATLAS on my new bike (same model, different year). The extra screw was great since I misplaced mine during the transfer process… but the kit had everything I needed and my ATLAS lets me have a well deserved rest of my throttle hand when we are on the straight aways!

Great Costumer services and attention.

I got the Atlas Lock for Christmas from a family member. He didn't knew if it was going to work or not on my 2013 Ducati Multistrada. I email Atlas Throttle lock to get more guidance and see if it was going to work on my bike or not. Josh emailed me back in less than 24 hrs. and went above and beyond to make sure it worked and answering all my questions/emails. He even sent me videos of similar bikes and how to adjust my throttle rubber grip to make it fit. Thank Josh and Atlas Throttle lock. I look forward to use it this summer. Safe Riding!!!

Replacement Kit for Top & Bottom Kits
Jim Stein
WARNING- Please read!

Heard a lot about the Atlas for a couple years but didn’t know anyone who had one. I had a little extra dough and decided this was my next add on for my longer trips. Ordered on Amazon for full retail where I received it in a plastic bag with an Amazon sticker on it reading I’ve given it a second life. Opened the bag to find the finish in many spots chipped off and one new screw and the other clearly worn. No pad kit and one thin pad already adhered. Based on this condition I contacted Amazon who provided a discount. I take full responsibility here as I accepted it thinking it was all metal and the finish didn’t matter on a dual sport bike. Ended up spending several hours over three days and watching the Atlas install video and many others only to keep seeing it not mount straight. In an attempt to make it work, I ordered a parts kit which didn’t change the fit. In the end determined the metal pressure pad was bent out. Assuming the original owner tweaked it to work on their bike, but not helping mine. Also, believe but not sure the jaw appeared to bowed out which I am assuming was from over tightening it by the previous owner. Because of the custom bend mine had none of the new pads from the parts kit would fit. The Atlas itself appears well made and thought out. Just based on the above experience and not knowing what an unaltered one should be shaped like, think the lower jaw being wider would alleviate the twisting from less tool/tech savvy folks. I should have just returned it and ordered directly, hopefully having a straight forward install? My fault not Atlas as far as I know and would rather others not go through my experience. Just purchase from Atlas or MC knowledgeable place who would have never looked at mine in its condition and sent it out. Didn’t want to give full stars and can’t give just one. Sadly, in an attempt to get products out many manufacturers have to rely on vendors who can ultimately change the value and quality of the end user experience.

Follow Up: 12/21/22
After writing the above review a couple weeks passed when I noticed an email from Atlas. It was from Josh and informed me he wanted to make things right. I informed him this was on me as I made the decision to keep the used lock for a discounted price. Josh said he understood but that Atlas believes in their product, so much so that he would send me a brand new one as Atlas doesn’t want customers having a bad experience no matter where they purchased it. He informed me the used product should have never been kept in circulation for this very reason as by vendors doing this can adversely affect their pristine reputation.

Within three days of our email comms, a brand new Atlas top mount throttle lock came in the mail. When I opened the package not only did it contain the throttle lock but also a brand new complete parts kit. Josh and the folks at Atlas paid such close attention to my review and interaction they included the parts kit I purchased to make my original used lock work. Within 5 minutes the lock was on! No bending, tweaking or twisting as it went on. One time install and done!

Here’s the warning… Unless you are purchasing a non safety related item or have a clear understanding of the product never settle for a “discount” as you just have no idea what’s really wrong with it. During my initial purchase I figured I’d buy on Amazon for fast shipping, when in reality I waited longer for it than the new one Atlas sent me.

This experience has restored my faith in good folks, good products, good brands and amazing customer service. Atlas is clearly dedicated to their customers and standing behind a useful, well engineered, durable and responsibly packaged product.

Much respect for Josh and all the folks at Atlas! If you are in the market for a “cruise control” I say look no further buy the Atlas!

Replacement Kit for Top & Bottom Kits
Lee Thorne

An excellent product for all true bikers and an excellent experience outstanding service from Josh above and beyond 👏.

Replacement Kit for Top & Bottom Kits
Dan R
Great product, awesome customer service.

Installed the bottom kit on a Gen 1 (2006) KLR 650.

Rarely do you find a company who stands by their product and answers questions quickly and thoroughly. Atlas is that company.

The throttle lock is well engineered and innovative. It actually works as advertised.

This companies customer service is outstanding.

Replacement Kit for Top & Bottom Kits
Jeffrey Martin
Easy to install

Easy to install and use while riding a great item for my bike

Did the trick!

I was having issues with the fitment on My Atlas throttle lock. Not really sure what was going wrong I contacted Atlas and they recommended this part. I was so happy as to the level of improvement this part made to the Rock solid installation of my Atlas Throttle Lock!

Everything you have heard is true.

If your throttle arm tends to go numb before your backside does 😀 then the Atlas is just what you need. Easy to fit and use. It enhances comfort, and therefore safety, by giving your arm a rest once in a while. I have been using it all summer and can highly recommend this product.

Great product to help shake off numb hands!

This product absolutely works as advertised. Stainless steel hardware so it helps resist rust making it a long term product. It holds the throttle with just enough pressure to shake your hands if they're numb or giving them a break for cruises.

I think some keyboard warriors will also need to understand that it doesn't "lock" the throttle. It simply holds it with enough pressure against the throttle housing (given the installation is followed correctly) so that it gives you a chance to shake off your numb hands or just giving them a quick break. You can still move the throttle freely and easily even while "locked" so there's no fear of your throttle being stuck. On real bumpy roads it will knock it loose so to speak but again, it's not designed to lock the throttle where you can't manipulate it. It's designed with safety in mind.

On the freeway I love being able to shake my hands or even being able to sit up right for a solid minute is a relief. For being a simple mechanical device, no fumbling of electronics nor wires, it's not a overly huge bulky item either. Hope this review clears up some questions.

Replacement Kit for Top & Bottom Kits
Michael Daily
Customer service

Great product and I was happily surprised with the customer service.

Replacement Kit for Top & Bottom Kits
Great product

Great product and easy to use
All metal construction
Very durable

Replacement Kit for Top & Bottom Kits
Lloyd Larimore
Repair kit

Fast and easy fix

Clever and effective

This throttle lock is a welcome addition to my travel kit. I very much enjoy epic road trips on my Kawasaki Vulcan. The throttle lock will make long highway miles a breeze. It is so nice to not have to twist the grip for hours. Great little device!