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Honda Moottoripyörät - ATLAS Throttle Lock

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If you’re drawn to the reliability and engineering of Honda motorcycles, then you are going to immediately connect with the ATLAS Throttle Lock.

The clean lines and intuitive design of the ATLAS will make your helmet time much more enjoyable. Whether you own a stock CTX 1300 or a farkled Africa Twin, or if you have DCT or not, the ATLAS is guaranteed to work on your motorcycle.

Top Kit vs. Bottom Kit

Top Kit

Tarvitset Top Kitin, jos:

Säiliön ja kaasun kotelon välillä on alle 1,5 tuumaa (38 mm) vapaata tilaa täydessä oikealle käännöksessä.

Siellä on lämmitetty kahvalanka, joka tulee ulos kumikahvan laipan alaosasta.

Bottom Kit

Tarvitset Bottom Kitin, jos:

Siellä on lämmitetty kahvalanka, joka tulee ulos kumikahvan laipan yläosasta.

Muita häiriöitä ei ole. Suurin osa moottoripyöristä pystyy käyttämään Bottom Kitiä.

How to Determine Fitment

Will it fit your motorcycle?

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Vaiheet sopivuuden määrittämiseksi

Step 1: Check for adequate spacing for the ATLAS between the throttle housing and the grip flange.

All you need is a gap of 2.5 mm or greater between the grip and the throttle housing. That's roughly 3 thick bank cards wide. If you need more space than this, you can most likely pull back your grip flange to gain the room needed. Please play the video under the section "Will it for your motorcycle" and scroll to 33 seconds. This will show you how to pull the grip flange back.

Step 2: Use our 'Make, Model and Year' search tool to locate your motorcycle. The search tool will show you exactly which unit to purchase. If you can't find your motorcycle, please click the Ota meihin yhteyttä button below. We are happy to help you make this decision.

If you can't find your model and you know which kit you need, select 'Other' in the 'Model' section to gain access to all kits.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Haluatko lisäapua sen määrittämiseen, mikä ATLAS Throttle Lock sopisi parhaiten moottoripyörääsi?

Find Your Model

Model Specific Notes

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Mukana setin mukana

Your kit comes with everything you need to mount the ATLAS on many different motorcycles.

  • Installation Instruction
  • T10 Torx L-Key
  • 2 - M3 Bolts with thread locker
  • 4 - Slide on Friction Pads
  • 1 - ATLAS Key
  • Steezy Stickers


Everything you need to know about using the friction pads with the ATLAS Throttle Lock.

Kitkalevyt vaaditaan.
The ATLAS Throttle Lock was designed to be used with friction pads. Friction pads can last 60,000 miles or more as long as you choose the right pad for your bike. You will also preserve your pad by avoiding any contact with your throttle housing’s sharp seam. This is explained in our installation instructions.
Mitä kitkalevyä kannattaa käyttää?
The friction pads come in 4 different thicknesses. You will only need to apply one pad to your ATLAS. Watch our installation videos and follow the instructions to determine which friction pad works best.
Are the friction pads adjustable?
Why yes they are! The pegs at the end of the friction pads have 2 notches equally placed which can be cut off to move the friction pad away from the throttle housing’s curved ridge. This is all explained in our installation instructions.

Installing the ATLAS Throttle Lock

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The ATLAS Throttle Lock was built for adventure and motorcycle touring.

ATLAS Throttle Lock antaa sinulle risteilyominaisuudet, joita moottoripyörästäsi on puuttunut ensimmäisestä päivästä lähtien. Mene pidemmälle ATLAS:lla seuraavalla ryhmämatkallasi, motomatkallasi tai Butt Rallyllasi.
Saatat ihmetellä, pystyykö ATLAS hoitamaan kaiken, mitä olet sille suunnitellut. Voit olla varma, että meillä on ratsastajia, jotka kiertelevät aktiivisesti planeetan ympäri ATLAS:n avulla. Olet hyvässä seurassa riippumatta siitä, millä mantereella olet. Olemme siellä ratsastamassa kanssasi! Find our channel on Youtube

Asiakkaiden Arvostelut

Based on 661 reviews
Daniel Dunning
Atlas Throttle lock for 2013 klr

It is every thing that I expected. It works great .
I just went on a 8300 mile trip from Washington to Alaska. I used it several times on my trip. It is great to give your right hand a chance to rest.
The kLR doesn’t have much power to adjust when the road goes up and down. But I didn’t expect it to work like a cruise control. It still great to give the hand a break.

It was great to meet Josh and his Wife. They are awesome people and awesome to work with.
I meant him at the shop and he installed it on my bike. Very helpful and explained everything well.

Jonathan Ramirez
Great Costumer services and attention.

I got the Atlas Lock for Christmas from a family member. He didn't knew if it was going to work or not on my 2013 Ducati Multistrada. I email Atlas Throttle lock to get more guidance and see if it was going to work on my bike or not. Josh emailed me back in less than 24 hrs. and went above and beyond to make sure it worked and answering all my questions/emails. He even sent me videos of similar bikes and how to adjust my throttle rubber grip to make it fit. Thank Josh and Atlas Throttle lock. I look forward to use it this summer. Safe Riding!!!

Eugene Gribbon
Everything you have heard is true.

If your throttle arm tends to go numb before your backside does 😀 then the Atlas is just what you need. Easy to fit and use. It enhances comfort, and therefore safety, by giving your arm a rest once in a while. I have been using it all summer and can highly recommend this product.

Stephen Chow
Great product to help shake off numb hands!

This product absolutely works as advertised. Stainless steel hardware so it helps resist rust making it a long term product. It holds the throttle with just enough pressure to shake your hands if they're numb or giving them a break for cruises.

I think some keyboard warriors will also need to understand that it doesn't "lock" the throttle. It simply holds it with enough pressure against the throttle housing (given the installation is followed correctly) so that it gives you a chance to shake off your numb hands or just giving them a quick break. You can still move the throttle freely and easily even while "locked" so there's no fear of your throttle being stuck. On real bumpy roads it will knock it loose so to speak but again, it's not designed to lock the throttle where you can't manipulate it. It's designed with safety in mind.

On the freeway I love being able to shake my hands or even being able to sit up right for a solid minute is a relief. For being a simple mechanical device, no fumbling of electronics nor wires, it's not a overly huge bulky item either. Hope this review clears up some questions.

Robin G
Clever and effective

This throttle lock is a welcome addition to my travel kit. I very much enjoy epic road trips on my Kawasaki Vulcan. The throttle lock will make long highway miles a breeze. It is so nice to not have to twist the grip for hours. Great little device!

James Reynolds
So thankful for this product

After having experienced the pleasure of having a throttle lock on my previous bike I was SO very e cited to see the Atlas video on Facebook.

Your team was quick to respond to my question if I needed a top or bottom mount for my model. The product came innate timely matter that happened to be the day before my trip.
I left for my seven hundred mile trip with the atlas throttle lock installed and boy was I impressed. It was worth every penny

Justin Simmons
Loving it!

I really love this product! It’s super simple to put on and to use and it works flawlessly!!!
Best throttle lock out there.


Yamaha Motorcycles - ATLAS Throttle Lock

Atlas throttle lock

great device i prefer this to cruise control no messing about taking your eyes off the road one click on and one click on simple

Richard Brunt
2022 KLR Adventure throttle lock

Purchased the throttle lock for my 2022 KLR Adventure. The installation was a breeze. This throttle lock works like a champ. No more worn out throttle hand and fingers!